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My wedding cakes are not only desserts, but works of art. The individual tiers contain three layers of cake and two layers of filling or frosting. You're getting flavor in every bite!

Round Tier Wedding Cake

Square Tier Wedding Cake

Approximately $800

Average 4 tier round white wedding cake (16", 12", 9", 6") feeds 185+ (if cut correctly).

Approximately $850

Average 4 tier square white wedding cake (16", 12", 9", 6") feeds 250+ (if cut correctly).

Every wedding cake is priced individually. Prices are based on flavor, use of fresh fruit, decoration, detailing, location & setup.

Cake flowers are not included. Arrangements should be made with your florist to provide and arrange flowers. Floral arranging by Donna is available at a rate of $25 per cake.

All wedding cakes consist of 5 1/2 - 6 inch layers. Slices of cake are 1 inch thick, 2 inches wide and 5 1/2 - 6 inches long. The top tier is to be kept for your anniversary and is never included in the count of servings. The top tier will need to be wrapped well and stored in a deep freeze to taste the same as on your wedding day. The top tier will serve up to 10 guests if you decide to use it at the reception.

A complete inventory of specific cake pieces that are used for your cake will be left with the cake at the time of set-up, along with a diagram of how to cut the cake.

A $100 retainer is expected to secure your wedding date. This will be subtracted from the total cost of your cake. If the wedding cake is cancelled your $100 retainer can be used for future cake orders such as birthdays, anniversaries, etc.

Full payment and deposit on cake pieces, which can include 20x20 glass, white plastic cake plates, silver trays, votive's, candle holders, etc., is expected two weeks prior to your wedding date. I ask for two separate checks so I can tear up or return deposit check for cake pieces when all setup items have been returned undamaged. Cake pieces must be returned by the first Wednesday following the wedding date (if not home, please leave in the cooler in the garage.) A deduction of your $50-$200 retainer will be made on any damaged or missing pieces.